Things to Remember with Dogs (and All Animals)
  • Ask permission before petting someone else’s dog.
  • Leave mother animals and their young alone.
  • Do not try to pet dogs that are tied up, sleeping, eating, behind fences, or in vehicles.
  • Do not chase or tease dogs, or pull their ears or tails.
  • Do not grab their food, bones or toys.
  • Do not try to stop a fight. Call an adult for help.
  • Always act kindly and gently. Animals have feelings too.
  • Remember that cats can bite and scratch unexpectedly.
  • Leave wild animals alone.

Report the details of injured, stray and threatening animals to an adult who will call the SPCA/humane society or animal control authorities.

How to Act Around a Stray or Loose Dog
  • Do not pet strays or dogs running loose.
  • Stand still (Stand like a Tree).
  • Let the dog sniff you.
  • Do not stare at the dog. Dogs view this as aggressive behaviour.
  • Do not turn your back and run.
  • If the dog is barking or growling, slowly walk away, backwards or sideways, keeping the dog in view.